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Teacher Recruitment Process

Teacher Recruitment Process

Bamber Education consistently delivers on their reputation for matching candidate requirements and school needs. One of the best skills we can offer is to listen, and with the help of our specially trained consultants, we’ll work together to find you suitable work within your local area.

As soon as a school communicates their interest in your details, we will inform you fully of the school and vacancy information and arrange an interview if you wish to proceed with the application; we will give you as much support with this process as you require.

If your interview is successful and the school offer a position which you want to accept, this appointment might be on long term temporary (supply) basis paid through Bamber Education or a fixed term/permanent contract, employed direct by the school.

Types of Work

Long term position

Schools always require extended temporary appointments on a supply basis. This type of appointment might last from 1 term, to one year and beyond, giving you the security of a long-term post. In a temporary position, you would be paid via Bamber Education and you would be able to benefit from our competitive rates of pay and the perks of working through one of our partner umbrella companies.

Permanent or fixed term position on a school contract

Schools can experience difficulty making successful permanent appointments through the placement of adverts in the increasingly ineffective newspaper advertisements. Bamber Education assists schools with making permanent teaching appointments. If you accept a permanent teaching position facilitated by Bamber Education, you will be employed directly by the school and paid by them on a monthly basis, benefitting from full statutory employment rights.

Moving from a temporary to a permanent position

Whilst working in a short term or long-term post many of our teachers are given the opportunity to switch to a permanent contract. Many schools use the temporary placement as an opportunity to trial the teacher for a permanent position. Likewise, many of our teachers prefer to be in a position where they can work in a school for a period of time prior to deciding if they wish to commit to a permanent contract.

If you specify that you are looking for a short/long term position that could become permanent, then we will match you to positions which offer this opportunity.

Thus, both you and the school will have the opportunity to have a long hard look at each other before making the all-important decision to transfer to a permanent position.