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The Recruitment Process

The Recruitment Process

We seek and attract qualified teachers with qualifications and experience from all over the world, most of whom are currently in the UK. Our thorough interview and vetting process ensures that the teachers we put forward are of the highest calibre.

science teacherAfter we receive a CV from a teacher, we carry out an initial vetting and screening process to ensure that the teacher is qualified and experienced. We then conduct a thorough interview to ensure that we understand the teacher’s skills, abilities, experiences and qualifications. We aim to know them as a teacher and a person so that we are able to submit their details to a vacancy which will match their strengths to the needs and requirements of the school.

When a school shows a positive response to a teacher’s details that they have received, if this interest is reciprocated by the teacher, we will arrange an interview, which will normally be face-to-face, and an initial telephone interview if preferred. If this interview is successful and the school wish to appoint the teacher, we will discuss the best recruitment options going forward. This could be on a long-term supply basis, a fixed term or permanent contract

Types of Work

Long-term contract position

You may require extended temporary appointments on a supply basis, due to a variety of reasons such as: maternity cover, long term illness of a teacher, unfilled vacancies. This type of appointment can vary in length. Lasting from one term, to one year and beyond, giving you the security of a long-term appointment to cover your vacancy. This would involve the teacher being paid via Bamber Education and we would subsequently invoice the school for payment. 

The daily rate charged by Bamber Education will be competitive and will be discussed with the school and will depend upon the amount paid to the Bamber Education teacher; this is directly decided by the teacher’s qualifications and experience.

Permanent or fixed term position on a school contract

Schools can experience difficulty making successful permanent appointment through the placement of adverts. Bamber Education assists schools to make permanent teaching appointments; we will proactively search for a qualified, experienced teacher to fulfil the requirements of your vacancy. 

If you appoint a permanent teacher, Bamber Education will charge a placement fee for this service. 

Moving from a temporary to a permanent position

Whilst working in a long-term post many of our teachers are given the opportunity to switch to a permanent contract. Many schools use the temporary placement as an opportunity to assess the teacher for consideration for a permanent position. Likewise, many of our teachers prefer to be in a position where they can work in a school for a period of time prior to deciding if they wish to commit to a permanent contract. 

This allows both the school and the teacher the opportunity to make a decision with regard to a permanent placement, based on the experience of working with each other, ensuring that the teacher is able to fulfil the requirements of the school, also that the school is a suitable teaching environment for the teacher.